Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Sneak peek........

This is just a peek. I can't post the entire project yet until CreativeXpress does, but here is a little look. This project is made with the newly released Tinkerbell and Friend Cricut Cartridge. The papers I used are from Doodlebug. They are the Serenade and La-di-dot cardstocks. Aren't they gorgeous?! Can't wait until I can show you the rest.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

She liked the cake!

She liked the cake. And yes, I made it. It did look a little nicer, but there was an "incident" before the party and I had to make an emergent repair on the cake. We finally had Charlotte's one year birthday party. Hurrican Gustav pushed things back a bit. It is so fun to watch them dive into the cake. I am working on this layout now, but you will have to wait a bit to see it. It is for CreativeXpress and they have to show it first.
That's all for now.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

She walks!

She took her "first steps" a couple of weeks ago, but now she is really getting brave. Oh boy, here we go. It is so fun to watch all of this again. She really is a joy. I tell ya' if adults learned as fast as infants maybe the world would be a better place (and have chocolate on every corner).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first Cricut Project: Gift Box

This is my first Cricut project that I have made with my new Expression. I still can not believe that CreativeXpress has given me one. Anyway, here is the tutorial if you are interested (Click on the image to get a better view):

This box is on the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge. Looking on the keypad it is the second to last "white" key on the bottom row. This shape is made when the "Tall Ball" feature is used. The regular key with no feature cuts a rectangular box. I believe this is a 6 inch box. Press the cut button, peel up the box and then glue it together. Decorate at will.

The flowers and leaves are also from the Plantin SchoolBook cartride. I mixed the regular key with the "italic" key feature to make a couple of different styles of leaves and flowers. This project problably took 30 minutes to make. Simply because I was watching T.V. while I was gluing it together.

Supplies: Doodlebug Seranade Cardstock, Misc. cardstock, Cricut Expression, Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge, Doodlebug Sugar coated brads in Lily White.

Hope you enjoy the project. It is really is easy and fast.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feeling Better.

Finally. Maybe it was not food poisoning since it lasted several days. But now the baby and Jake are sick with a runny nose and fever. Well I guess it is best that they all get sick at once.

And thanks for the comments. I let my son Cameron pick the winner and he pointed his finger at Library Bunny's comment. Congrats LB, your RAK will go out tomorrow.

Thanks for playing.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I want my mommy.........

So who takes care of "the mommy" when "the mommy" is sick? Uugghhhhhhhhh!!! I woke up at 2:30AM and 5:00AM throwing my guts up. Yuck! I am finally feeling a little better now (12 hours later). I think it may have been a little touch of food poisoning.

Note to self......wait at least a month before buying frozen food after a two week power outage after a hurricane. It turns out that Neil and I ate the same frozen food last night and he had a bit of "stomach distress" as well. We are wondering if these frozen sandwiches got thawed and refrozen after Hurrican Gustav. This could be a logical possibility. But, at least the kids did not get sick.

Hopefully I am over the worst of it. I actually have plans this weekend to go to a Scrap Pink crop. It looks like I am going to miss today, but there is still Saturday and most of Sunday left.

Coming soon, I will be posting my first Cricut project that I have made with my new Expression. I made it with the beautiful Doodlebug spot glittered papers. They are awesome.

And back to my original question, "Who takes care of "the mommy" when "the mommy" is sick? Post an answer by Sunday midnight and I will post a random rak winner.