Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My first Cricut Project: Gift Box

This is my first Cricut project that I have made with my new Expression. I still can not believe that CreativeXpress has given me one. Anyway, here is the tutorial if you are interested (Click on the image to get a better view):

This box is on the Plantin SchoolBook cartridge. Looking on the keypad it is the second to last "white" key on the bottom row. This shape is made when the "Tall Ball" feature is used. The regular key with no feature cuts a rectangular box. I believe this is a 6 inch box. Press the cut button, peel up the box and then glue it together. Decorate at will.

The flowers and leaves are also from the Plantin SchoolBook cartride. I mixed the regular key with the "italic" key feature to make a couple of different styles of leaves and flowers. This project problably took 30 minutes to make. Simply because I was watching T.V. while I was gluing it together.

Supplies: Doodlebug Seranade Cardstock, Misc. cardstock, Cricut Expression, Plantin SchoolBook Cartridge, Doodlebug Sugar coated brads in Lily White.

Hope you enjoy the project. It is really is easy and fast.

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