Saturday, January 31, 2009

Back from CHA......

in Anaheim, but only after spending the night in the Dallas, Fort Worth airport (with the baby & my mom) because of the ice storm. It was horrible. The hotel at the airport was booked, the other hotel shuttles were not running and taxi's were scarce. The American Airlines staff was not very helpful either. And not to mention I had to carry the baby everywhere because they LOST MY STROLLER!!!!!!! They were very helpful in showing me where the vending machine with $2 diapers were though (you know in case I ran out because we could not get to our luggage).

My mother was with me and did not want to get a taxi to find a hotel room because the roads were icy. So I stayed in a chair holding Charlotte all night and everytime I moved she would wake up and cry. She was really a trooper though. So I have to say working night shift as a nurse really prepared me for the night in the airport. Charlotte slept about 5 hours, but my mother and I did not sleep a wink.

So I am back and we survived. I did get to go out to eat and meet Avon and Meg (Stampin' Meg) from Creative Xpress. It is really nice putting a real face to a name on the message board. I just wish I could have spent more time with them.

Here is a picture of Charlotte in the airport while we were waiting for our 4th rebooked flight. Poor baby, you can see the bags under her eyes. She looked like a little refugee. Yes, she is wearing her jammies. I am glad that I had them because it was down right frigid in the airport overnight. At least I knew she was warm.


Stampin' Meg said...

Awwww poor little Charlotte. I am so mad at AA for you ::::GRRRRR::::!!!!

Andrea Amu said...

Awww...Sounds like a hellish flight! At least you had fun at CHA!