Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Back from CHA and vacation

Whew! I always say that I am going to be able to enjoy CHA and not feel so rushed, but like always it was work, work, work. But scrapbooking work is fun, so I still had fun. I even taught my first scrapbooking class. I think there was about 24 or 25. I think it went okay. The class was for Glitz designs (http://www.glitzitnow.com/). I taught (4) 8x8 layouts made out of the Hot Mama line. It was fun. One of my students was from Madagascar. And she looked about 8 months pregnant. Can you imagine?

Here are a few photos. Keep in mind they are from my iphone and I was in a hurry. The class was over so the girls were packing up. Like I said, it was my first scrapbooking class to ever teach and I have learned a little from this. (Like how much prep is involved). I think it went very well though.


Laura said...

You are AMAZING! Thanks for being a fabulous "Glitz Girl"!!

Erin DeSpain said...

I knew you would be fabulous!

Andrea Amu said...

I didn't know you were teaching classe at CHA! Very cool, Heather! Glad it went well.