Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little I-top tip

I have definitely used the I-top quite a bit now and I just want to share a couple of tips with you that I discovered while playing with mine. First, if you are having trouble "centering" your punched piece out on the brad daddy, use a bit of adhesive to help hold the paper (or what ever you are using) on the brad daddy. You only need a dab. This will keep the paper from slipping over to one side making your image uncentered on the brad.

And here is another tip that I discovered while doing my most recent layout "Mother's Sundae date". The weight of the large brad was pushing the petals of the flowers down so they were not laying flat on my page. So what I did is just use another punched cut out to back the flowers with. This gave flowers more support and allowed them to lie flat on my page.

I hope you find these tips helpful and have fun playing with your I-top

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Andrea Amu said...

Good tips... now I just need to buy one of those tools!