Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I-top Tool Maintenance

Like any good tool to keep it useful you need to do a little maintenance. Here are a few tips from Imaginisce to keep your I-top in tip "top" shape.

Click on the full-color image above and print out for easy reference.

1. Tighten Heads Before Use: Tighten the pink rubber heads with a simple twist BEFORE you begin...every time! The heads will not line up correctly if they're not tight...and when using the tool you might accidentally move the heads and not realize that you've loosen them.

2. Position Pink Rubber Heads: Often the small rubber head gets pushed down when removing the brad and needs to be repositioned, or pulled out into place. Check its placement before starting. If you find that your rubber heads are defective (torn, broken) please contact our customer service for a replacement.

3. Tighten Top Screws with Allen Wrench: The top screws on both sides of the tool can become loose with use or when being transported. We recommend that you use a 3mm Allen Wrench to tighten those screws periodically. But do not tighten them too tight or you will not be able to rotate the heads.

Now you are an i-top pro and should able to create many, many more brads, magnets, badges and buttons...maybe even more ideas we're creating!! If you have questions or concerns about your tool, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service by phone or email (

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