Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another To Love and Cherish Imaginisce Project

I could not, for the life of me, figure out what these little "rings" are called. You know the little drink rings that you put around the stem of a glass at a party so you don't loose your drink. I made these as a gift for someone that likes to entertain. They were pretty easy to do and a little blast to the past using "shrinky dink" plastic.

So the first think I did was to stamp on the shrinky plastic with one of the To Love & Cherish snag 'em stamps. The one I used is the flower. After I cut out the flowers I shrunk them in the toaster oven. This took about 3 minutes.

Next I has to enlist the help of my husband and he got his drill press out with a very tiny drill bit and we drilled holes into the one of the petals on the flowers so I could put the jump ring through.

Then I colored my flowers with my Copic markers and then set a flower center with my I-rock tool and Jewel hot rocks.

And lastly I threaded the large ring through the jump ring and bent the end up so the ring would stay intact around the stem of the glass. I think these were earring rings like the kind you find in the bead section of a craft store.

So that is it. It really is not too complicated and a pretty inexpensive handmade gift for a friend.

Hope you enjoyed it. And if you have a chance check out the Just Imagine! blog today. There is a picture of me and Ms. Jackie Daigle on there. This past weekend I demonstrated the i-top and i-rock tools at her 1 year anniversary celebration of Scrappin Friendzee.  Her customers loved the i-top and i-rocks so much she sold out that day!!! So if you can't find these awesome tools at your local scrapbook store ask them to carry them. We really need to support out local stores.

Products used: Acrylic stamp: Imaginisce; gems: Imaginisce; Markers: Copic; Jump rings: Tim Holtz for Advantus; Shrink plastic: unknown.


Love My Tapes said...
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andrew said...

they're called wine charms and they are adorable!

Samantha said...

What a fabulous idea Heather. They look amazing!