Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Local Scrapbook Store Closing.......

Yes, it is true and very sad. A dear friend of mine opened up Scrapbook & Co. in August of 2006 in Baton Rouge, LA and yesterday she announced that she is closing her store. The economy is really taking it's toll here. She will we opened for one more week.

Here is her blog post from yesterday:

Yes, I'm afraid so...Scrapbook & Co., LLC, is CLOSING, and soon!

We are selling EVERYTHING, that means paper racks, tables, chairs, display fixtures, the cute rugs, even the pretty pictures in the bathroom. (Sorry, if I don't laugh, I'll cry.)

If you currently possess a gift certificate, the balance of a gift certificate, or a store credit, HURRY IN for the best selection! If you know someone that does, please forward this email to them - I want them to USE it!!

Tomorrow, Saturday, August 28th, 10am/6p

40% off STORE WIDE (no checks)


Special Store Hours

Monday, Aug 30th thru Saturday, Sept 4th

9am to 8pm
So if you are in the area, go support her and tell Denise hi.  If the capital city of Louisiana can't support one local scrapbook store, then is there hope for the others? I hope so. Say a prayer that we all come out of this recession okay.


joybear said...

Hate news like that :(

Andrea Amu said...

Very sad when these awesome scrap stores close up! :( Best wishes to your friend though, Heather!