Friday, September 24, 2010

Imaginisce Dino Roar Release Party!!!

If you have not looked at the Imaginisce blog this week yet, they are having a release party for the adorable new "Dino-Roar" line.

So to add to the hype about the Dino-Roar line I am showing one of my Dino-Roar projects.  We had this picture taken at the Natural Bridge Caverns in Texas. I even busted out the Cricut Expression with the super cool Dinosaur Tracks cartridge that Provo Craft sent to the Imaginisce design team. I can't tell you how much I have loved being on this team.

Anyway, I got a little side tracked. So here is the layout:

Part of the title here using the Jasmine Font cartridge and the new Robotz cartridge. Not only does it have the cute robots, but it has this awesome font on it. I love it!!

Part of the title here using the font on the Dinosaur Tracks cartridge.

Did you notice that I used the metallic irock gems on the title? And if you are interested in how I shadowed the title I will clue you in.

On the "Natural" title using the Jasmine font cartridge I welded the letters using the shadow feature with my Design Studio. Then I just cut out the regular letters the same size and then put them on the welded shadow word. This technique makes it look like the entire title is welded and shadowed, which is something that is pretty difficult to do and keep the spacing right.

Technique two: When there is a font that does not have a block out feature available, you can simulate it yourself by using the Cricut Design Studio and "Hide Selected Contour" feature. As you may have guessed the Dionsaur Tracks cartridge has a cool font, but no block out feature to back the title so I did it myself.

All you need to do after you cut your title first while using your Design Studio is to go back and select what you want "hidden" and then right click on it and select "hide selected contour". Then you cut. The part that is selected is blocked out and not cut out. On this title I selected the centers of the letters and that made the backing of the letters the perfect match for the letters.

Now, let me just show you what I am talking about with a picture:

The colored letters in the center will not cut now and you will have a perfect backing for your letters.

I hope you enjoyed these two quick little Design Studio tutorials.

And go check out the Dino Roar Release party on the Imaginisce blog!! They are giving away lots of stuff!!! What are you waiting for?

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Andrea Amu said...

Wow, girl! You are sooo savy with the Design Studio! Great tutorial for the font shadowing, and such a cute page!! Love it :)