Monday, November 8, 2010

Another Imaginisce Giveaway.....

...on the Imaginisce blog. Yes, once again they are introducing two cool new tools and they are giving some product away along with the announcement!!!

Here is the post. I can't wait to get my hands on the cordless glue gun. Seriously when I was making this:

I had to use an extension cord to plug in my glue gun so I could hot glue my Roly Rosies together. The cord is so short on my glue gun that this tool will be a blessing!!

So go on and check out the Imaginisce blog. They are giving away a set of the new tools: the i-bond and the d-stress and they are also giving away an i-top with a ton of button daddies.

And come back here in the next day or two. I am putting together a whopper of a give away. Trust me you don't want to miss out.




Pam AKA: picnic said...

Heather love them frame, my new DGD's name is Ava... love the flowers...TFS

Jessica said...

Wow! Did you use the hot glue as the dew on the flowers? Love that idea!